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EasyFamilyHistorycomLogo250_pixelsEasyFamilyHistory.com is a family-owned company located in the Rocky Mountains in the United States with no shortage of abundant clean, fresh air and good working environment.

Paul_and_Peg150_pixels It was founded by Paul and Peg Larsen who have over 35 years experience in writing books, developing products, and providing educational information for people. They wrote and published the epic popular family history book, Crash Course in Family History (now available in the 3rd edition), and 3 books on natural healthcare. They founded three of the largest natural healthcare product companies in America: Nature’s Herbs (now owned by TwinLab), NaturalCare (now owned by Nutraceutical), and Nature’s Laboratories (later named Enrich and now called Unix).

Our Mission

To provide learning aids and comprehensive resource information to everyone interested in learning how to easily trace their own family roots, and teaching aids to everyone interested in helping others to learn how.

To Our Valued Customers

Even though we may not get to know you personally, we hope that you will be pleased with our “home” and happy as you visit. May our home be your home. Because this web site is a human institution to serve people, we hope that God will grant you peace while “under our roof”. May the business that brought you our way prosper. May those you love be near you in thoughts. May every idea you learn and message you take home add to your joy. May you discover your beloved ancestors, connect with their lives, and bless the lives of your family in the process. May you gain a greater appreciation of your heritage, the sacrifices your ancestors made for you, and a better understanding of what their life was like. May you gain strength from learning how they met challenges in life. May your loyalty to your forebears teach you how to love, indeed, how to become more Christ-like. When you leave, may your journey be well. May your days be pleasant and profitable, helpful for those you meet, and a joy to those you know and love.

With love,
The folks at EasyFamilyHistory.com

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Thank you!

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