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You can do much more than just keep track of your family tree with the following useful family history utility programs.

These tools include programs for writing your history, story-telling, creating timelines, creating your healthy history, smart research, organization, mapping, planning your family reunion, family tree charting, etc.

Personal - $
A complete system for writing personal and family histories. This exciting program imports names, dates and events from your family history software, and the powerful writing analysis helps you make your history readable and interesting to others. You can choose historical and cultural LifeCapsules to remind you of important events and give context to your history. The Timeline gives a visual description of your life in historical context. You can publish your completed history to your printer, word processor or PDF file. $29.95

Heritage - $
A comprehensive software management system that allows you to organize, work with, preserve, and find the many varied kinds of multimedia files you are using. It helps organize photos and documents, find anything in seconds, save hard drive space, achieve your information to CD/DVD, search your archive, create shareable slide shows, safeguard files with a backup system, unique photo identification, create “talking” photos, and print in many different formats.  It has an easy way to name everyone in the photo or create a caption by creating a photo “hot spot.”  You also get a free 200 page family history e-guidebook. Download $74.95

LifeSteps - $
LifeSteps is a system of maintaining all the information about a family’s situation. The easy-to-fill-out forms cover medical issues, real estate and financial holdings, an inventory of household and personal valuables, and more. A fun section on family traditions allows users to list birthdays and other special family events, including how they are usually celebrated. Included in this program are simple-to-fill-out forms that cover information individuals will need in the event of an emergency. $9.95

Genelines- $
One of the most powerful research and storytelling tools available, Genelines lets you SEE your ancestor’s lives in time. By bringing together elements of time, history and family relationships on visual timeline charts, Genelines can bring your family history to life, and even help you find new directions for your family research. With Genelines you can create amazing timeline charts. Genelines gives you a suite of seven distinctive, fully customizable timeline charts. These eye-catching charts are created from two sources – your genealogy database and an extensive library of history files – to illustrate your family lines along with any fascinating facts and interesting events you’ve found in the course of your research. $29.95 (download)

GeneWeaver - $
A computer program for creating and maintaining your family health history using a medical genogram. A genogram is a schematic diagram of family relationships and diseases, which is used by your doctor to determine if there is a risk of inherited illnesses, which may lead to early detection and prevention. $39.95

Family Reunion Organizer - $
It's never been easier to plan your family reunion and a variety of family and neighborhood events as well. A checklist leads users through the steps involved in family reunion planning, including tracking a budget and expenses, creating a schedule, managing assignments, and even keeping a family address book. Print invitations, name tags, mailing labels and dozens of other items to make organizing your reunion a breeze. Free demo. $29.95

Family Reunion - $
An easy to use system that helps you organize and document your family's history. $79.95
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Passage Express - $
Software to transform your family history research into a professional looking multimedia presentation. Free Trial.  $34.95

Ancestral Author - $
A program that constructs Adobe Acrobat PDF files from GEDCOM files, text files, images, and other sources of user input. It is used to create a family history and genealogy book based on the information stored in your files. It’s simple to use, and creates high quality documents that you can print, email to family and friends, publish on the internet, or send to a printer for printing into a bound book. The end result is a family history ‘book’ PDF file that contains a customized document of your genealogical research. It automatically creates a name index, and a list of sources. One of the great things about Ancestral Author is that the sections are hyperlinked. Click on a name in the index, and you are brought to the page on which that person appears. $24.95 Filing Cabinet - $
Clooz is a database for systematically organizing and storing all of the clues to your ancestry that you have been collecting over the years. It’s an electronic filing cabinet that assists you with search and retrieval of important facts you have found during your ancestor hunt, showing you a complete picture of what you have and what you lack Once you import your information, you can assign documents to each person. Then, a report will show you all the birth and death certificates, wills, deeds, diary entries, or other documents that pertain to each individual. $39.95

Family Tree SuperTools - $
Offers powerful wall charting features and many other exciting add-ons to users of many popular family tree programs. It works directly with the data from many programs without the need of an intermediate GEDCOM file. $17.95

FamilySearcher -
A windows program that can read a GEDCOM file and display a list of all names contained in the file in a spreadsheet format. It is then possible to search the Internet IGI (International Genealogical Index) and the other resources at web site for any matching entries. Free

GenSmarts - $
Works with your existing genealogy file and produces research recommendations. It helps you generate and track to do lists, print worksheets to record your search results, and plan research trips to libraries, court houses, etc. For online research sites, GenSmarts produces links that already have your ancestors name and specifics embedded - making it much easier to perform online record lookups. $24.95

GENMatcher - $
Quickly compares two genealogy files for matches, or one genealogy file for duplicates. It can show the comparisons side by side and save your work from session to session. $19.95
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U.S. Cities Galore - $
Quickly find U.S. cities, towns, townships and counties. Copy and paste results into your genealogy program. Reads and writes GEDCOM. $29.95
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AniMap Plus - $
Just about every researcher deals with the problem of finding an old town that has long-since disappeared from the map. AniMap displays over 2,300 maps to show the changing county boundaries for each of the 48 adjacent United States for every year since colonial times. Includes all years, not just the census years. Maps may be viewed separately, or the program can set them in motion so you can automatically view the boundary changes. Maps of the full U.S. are also included showing all the changes in state and territorial boundaries from 1776 to the present. Each map includes a listing of the changes from the previous map making it simple to keep track of parent counties. $79.00

Map My Family Tree - $
Genealogy mapping software that presents your ancestors’ lives on a map. It plots all ancestral life events on customizable color maps. This allows you to see where your ancestors were born, married and died, plus track family migrations using the world and country maps. Then zoom into any part of the world to see detailed events in that particular location.  $39.95
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Share the stories behind your photos. This program helps you easily build and share verbal narrated photo slide shows in a matter of minutes which you can share with family and friends. And best of all, it’s free.

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