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Learning how to trace your family roots has never been easier.

Click on the links below to learn more about family history and how to get started in your own genealogy.

Family History Couldn't be Easier!
Using today’s technology, tracing your family roots and stories couldn’t be easier! Or faster! No people in history have ever had the opportunity to connect with their beloved ancestors, learn about their lives and how they met their challenges, and grow to appreciate our heritage as easily and readily as we do today.

grandmother-with-granddaughWhy Family History?
Unaware to some, a quiet power is sweeping the earth as millions of people worldwide are discovering new meaning in their lives. They are doing this by simply connecting with their extended family and loved ones - whether it's a real life reunion or making a new connection with ancestors.

1929-couple-smallAre Your Ancestors Guiding You to Find Them?
Serendipity happens to nearly everyone who is trying to connect to their ancestors. As you search for your family roots and stories, it’s possible that you may make fortunate discoveries of significant information that you were not even looking for.

AlexHaley3-Easy Steps to Family History
Family history has become a real passion and big-time hobby for millions of people today all around the world. Alex Haley, the author of Roots, called it “a hunger, bone-marrow deep, to know our heritage”. Family history helps you discover a sense of identify and family pride in your life. It can also help unite and strengthen bonds between family members.

CoupleAtCOmputerBeginner's Tutorials & Lessons
You can find FREE beginner lessons, references and tutorials about how to do family history and tips on research on the Internet.

pedigree-3Free Charts & Forms
You can begin right now by picking up a pencil and writing down information on a piece of paper and writing everything you know about your ancestors.

RootsMagic-softwareDirectory of Family History Software
Genealogy software helps you discover your ancestors, organize and store your information (such as family photos, scrapbooks, health and personal data, reunions, etc.), measure the progress of your research, share your information with family and friends, provide tons of tools to make it easier, and much more.

PersonalHistorianTools to Make it Easier
These tools include programs for writing your history, story-telling, creating timelines, creating your healthy history, smart research, organization, mapping, planning your family reunion, family tree charting, etc.
Getting Organized
To succeed in family history, you need a simple, user-friendly system for organizing documents, notes, research aids, photographs, copies of family group records, pedigree charts, research logs, etc.

portable-scanner4Archiving Your Information
You need to learn about how to digitize and archive your precious photographs and documents to preserve them for posterity and share them with other family members.

woman_standing-with-bookGathering Your Family Stories
Family stories are tales about people, places, and events related to your family and your ancestors. Every person has a story to tell.

woman-writing-in-journalLeaving Your Enduring Legacy
Some people may mistakenly believe they have nothing of importance to pass on to others...no legacy they can leave. You don’t have to be wealthy, famous, or talented to leave a meaningful legacy for your descendants. Some of the most inspirational, enduring legacies are from people outside of history books and newspaper headlines. Everyday, plain ordinary people are creating and passing down inspirational, historical legacies. And you can also.

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