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Couple doing genealogy togetherUsing today’s technology, tracing your family roots and stories couldn’t be easier! Or faster! No people in history have ever had the opportunity to connect with their beloved ancestors, learn about their lives and how they met their challenges, and grow to appreciate our heritage as easily and readily as we do today.

Fun, Easy and Fast! makes connecting with your ancestors fun, easy, and fast by providing you all the resources you need at your fingertips to find your family roots and stories. Including an up-to-date directory of The Best of the Internet family history web sites, website reviews, software reviews, how-to articles and guides, tips, teaching aids, an LDS Center, discounts on books, software and education courses for members, and news and pertinent announcements on our blog.

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We have created this user-friendly website so you can conveniently access all of these web sites with just a keystroke or two. No more typing in those lengthy website addresses.
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Just point and click to access each web site.
And for your convenience, every link to a website is LIVE, so that you can simply click on the link and go to the website or send an email. You just point and click to access the site instantly.

We work hard to keep you up-to-date.
And since new web sites become available constantly, and web addresses often change, we constantly scour the Internet and review all the new information and web sites to keep the hotlinks current. We work hard to keep you up-to-date on changes and the latest news and tips.

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Learning Center

Resources to help you learn how to trace your family roots and stories.

Why Family History?

Are Your Ancestors Guiding You to Find Them?

Benefits of Family History
3-Easy-Steps to Family History

Beginner’s Tutorials / Lessons

Free charts / Forms

Directory of Family History Software

Software Tools to Make it Easier

Getting Organized

Archiving Your Information

Gathering Your Family Stories

Leaving Your Enduring Legacy

Searchable e-Book: Crash Course in Family History

Best of the Internet

The Internet is the place where some of the most exciting family history advances are taking place. So it's important that you not only have information about these valuable resources, but be able to conveniently and readily access the hundreds of genealogy and family history Web sites.

Top 10 Web sites to search for your ancestors
Search existing family trees to find your ancestors
Web site Directories and Portals
Best LDS Web sites
Valuable Databases
Directory of Software
Searchable e-Book: Crash Course in Family History

Teaching Aids

Unique aids and resources to help you teach family history classes; includes class outlines, handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and tips.

Resources for Teachers

Family History Insights
Class Outlines
Class Handouts
Family History PowerPoint Presentations
-Where Do I Start? 3-Easy-Steps (50-60 minutes)
-A Touch of Family History (20 minutes)
-New Tools to Make it Easier (60 minutes)
Presentation Handouts

LDS Center

Unique info for LDS Church members.

Inspirational Quotations
Best LDS Web sites
LDS Members Guide to Temple and Family History
Family History Consultants: Resources
Temple Submissions

Sharing Forum

Valuable articles, tools, tips and aids from others who have uploaded and contributed info to share with others for Free.

EasyFamilyHistory Store

Discover unique family history aids and products.

Crash Course in Family History
Alpha List, complete
Books, CDs, DVDs
Educational courses

EasyFamilyHistory Blog

Find news, information, and fun posts from the folks behind the scenes.

Help Center

Customer service, questions and answers, contact information, and information for the press.

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