Using Google Power to Connect to Your Ancestors (Download)
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Using Google-Power to Connect to Your Ancestors

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A Simplified Guide to Harnessing the Full-Power of Google to Discover Your Family Tree and Story

This is a simplified, illustrated eBook about how to harness the "full-power of Google" to help you discover your family tree and story. It will undoubtedly help you greatly in discovering your family roots, filling-in missing information on your family tree, and adding richness to your family story.

You will learn about the many free, useful, even-indispensable Google tools and services to help you connect to your ancestors. It contains "live" (hyperlinked) websites, linked tutorial videos, and many other resources in a user-friendly format. An ideal source for anyone interested in conducting in-depth searches.

Learn About

  • FREE Google Tools to help you connect to your ancestors
  • Advanced techniques for maximizing the Google search engine
  • How to get the most out of your Google searches
  • How to customize Google for your own power-searching needs
  • How to get up-to-the-minute news from thousands of sources
  • How to set up automated tools that search while you sleep

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