My Family History Toolbox Second Edition (BUNDLE)
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My Family History Toolbox SECOND EDITION

Bundle: Book + eBook

An Illustrated Guide to Cutting-Edge Technology to Help You Discover Your Family Tree and Story
New Content: Contains No duplication of information from the other books

Guide to Apps and Tools

This dynamic new book is a guide to the best and latest cutting-edge e-tools, gadgets and apps to help you discover your family tree and story better and easier than ever before. And easily share that information with your family and friends.

Easier and Faster

It's the perfect guidebook about how to use these cutting-edge tools to help you plant, nourish, and grow your family tree. And connect to your ancestors. It enables easier and faster ways of searching and organizing your family tree, and collaborating with others.

Discover Missing Information

It will help you discover missing information on your family tree, and add richness to your family story. And perhaps change your life!

Learn About The Features and Benefits of Dozens of New Tech Power Tools & Apps

  • 10 essential family history tools you need today
  • 23 valuable, cutting-edge tools to help discover your roots
  • 101 Free web services to make your research easier and faster
  • 11 handy family history gadgets and gizmos
  • How to Use Your iPad for Family History
  • How to use your SmartPhone for family history
  • 32 time-saving family tree apps for your iPad and SmartPhone
  • Grave site and Facebook family history apps
  • The best computer 'tablet' for you
  • e-Readers, apps, and free e-books
  • How to use GPS for your family history
  • A new Google face recognition tool to search for your ancestors
  • How to use Google Plus+ and Google Alerts for your genealogy
  • What is 'cloud computing'
  • How to preserve your family history records digitally

A high-quality, illustrated, full-color softcover book (8.5 x 11" large format) and e-book. The e-book contains "live" (hyperlinked) websites, linked tutorial videos, and much more in a user-friendly style. It can be easily viewed by Windows, Mac, iPad, e-Readers and Smartphones.

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My Family History Toolbox Second Edition (Download)
My Family History Toolbox Second Edition (Download)
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My Family History Toolbox Second Edition
My Family History Toolbox Second Edition

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