Indispensable Guides to Discover Your Own Family Tree and Story

Printed books and advanced digital eBooks for Windows, Mac, iPad (all tablets), e-Readers and smartphones. Featuring today's user-friendly technology to connect to your ancestors. The greatest thing about these illustrated family history guidebooks is they're really easy and user-friendly. They inspire and motivate you, and are by far the best genealogy books available!
Peek Inside our Crash Course in Family History Book Limited number of pages

Crash Course in
Family History

How to Discover Your Family Tree and Stories
Step-by-Step Illustrated Guidebook and Comprehensive Resource Directory

Features 3-Easy-Steps to trace your family roots and stories. Walks you through the fascinating family history journey hand-in-hand! It couldn't be easier! The new epic Fifth Edition has been updated and expanded with 100 more pages of the best essential resources. More Info...

Peek Inside our 8 Fun Ways to Happy-ize Your Family Limited number of pages

8 Fun Ways to
Your Family


Unhappy Family Life Leads to Problems
There is abundant evidence that negative, unhappy family life and marriage is associated with mental health problems and juvenile delinquency...which may be contributing to some of the crazy things happening today. Also, there is a higher incidence of divorce and marital unhappiness among persons who are reared in unhappy families.

Yet, most people spend more time planning a weekend than they do for the lives of their family and their marriage. Do not let life just unfold without control – without planning, dreaming, and then following up to make your dreams come true. A happy and loving family / marriage doesn’t happen by accident.

A Comprehensive Guidebook and Planner
This illustrated eBook is a comprehensive guidebook and planner to help you avoid family failure, create more happy times with your family, and make your family dreams come true. It will help your family overcome struggles and provide happiness to your family and marriage. More Info...

Limited number of pages

My Family History Toolbox SECOND EDITION

An Illustrated Guide to Cutting-Edge Technology to Help You Discover Your Family Tree and Story

This dynamic new book is a guide to the best and latest cutting-edge e-tools, gadgets and apps to help you discover your family tree and story better and easier than ever before. And easily share that information with your family and friends.

It's the perfect guidebook about how to use these cutting-edge tools to help you plant, nourish, and grow your family tree. And connect to your ancestors. It enables easier and faster ways of searching and organizing your family tree, and collaborating with others.

It will help you discover missing information on your family tree, and add richness to your family story. And perhaps change your life! More Info...

Limited number of pages

Bring Your Ancestors to Life Using Newspapers

Best Free Archived Newspapers

Now for the first time ever, you can get to know your ancestors' stories - the lives they lived, their hardships, their triumphs, and how they met life's challenges - in record-breaking time.

Archived newspapers allow you to tap into a reliable source of hundreds of years of history, and give you the remarkable ability to see it through eyewitness accounts. You can easily explore your family tree and bring your family history to life for free using historical newspapers... if you know where to look. More Info...

Using Search Engines to connect to find your ancestors Limited number of pages

Using Google-Power to Connect to Your Ancestors

A Simplified Guide to Harnessing the Full-Power of Google to Discover Your Family Tree and Story

This is a simplified, illustrated eBook about how to harness the "full-power of Google" to help you discover your family tree and story. It will undoubtedly help you greatly in discovering your family roots, filling-in missing information on your family tree, and adding richness to your family story. You will learn about the many free, useful, even-indispensable Google tools and services to help you connect to your ancestors. It contains "live" (hyperlinked) websites, linked tutorial videos, and many other resources in a user-friendly format. More Info...

Family History Powertools eBook Bundle

Family History PowerTools

Essential, Digital eBooks to Discover and Share Your Own Family Roots and Story

These 4 powerful family history eBooks give you all of the essential tools you need in today's world to plant, nourish, and grow your own family tree. Together, they provide a wealth of invaluable resources, ideas, tips and techniques to help bring your ancestors to life.

View these digital eBooks using Windows, Mac, iPad (any tablet), and any e-Reader. 4 eBooks on one DVD. Each book contains 'live' (hyperlinked) websites, links to free tutorial videos, and much more in an illustrated, user-friendly style. More Info...

Best Value on all Family History Books and eBooks
Best Value Save Over 50%

Family History MasterPak

The Complete Kit of Books, eBooks, Tools and Resources to Make it Easier and Faster to Discover Your Family Roots and Story

Plus you receive 1 year of FREE updates valued at $29.95 for no additional cost. More Info...
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Peek Inside our Essential Natural Remedies for Emergency Preparedness Book Limited number of pages

Essential Natural Remedies for
Emergency Preparedness


An illustrated guide to essential natural remedies that you will need in order to care for your family in times of emergency...without having to rely on help from outside sources. More Info...

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